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Marcia Reynolds, MCC
Past President -
International Coach Federation

"I love this approach to coach training that David has created. This program is a unique and wonderful way to really get the process of coaching."

Marcia Wieder, MCC
America's Dream Coach

"I've never seen anything like this. Learn the best from the best. In a short period of time you can really come away with greater confidence and skill."

As an ICF certified life coach, David has attracted over 200 well-paying clients from 13 countries - getting a huge 95% of his clientele from the internet.

He's been able to create a six-figure business doing what he loves, and now helps coaches and other professionals build their businesses, and create passive revenue streams.

His newsletter mailing list has grown to over 61,997 people in 91 countries. His web sites are listed in the top five on Google and Yahoo.

He has been an on-screen coach for an Australian television series.

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to arrive at the grave safely, in a well
preserved body, but rather to skid in
sideways, totally worn out, shouting
"Holy shit, what a ride!"
- Mavis Leyrer age 83

Would you like to listen in on real life coaching sessions?

Fill your practice and double your fees, by producing breakthrough results with your clients.

I'll show you a coach training package
you can't get anywhere else on the planet.

From: David Wood
New York
Tuesday 9:18am

Dear Coach,

Would you like to generate surprising, breakthrough results with your clients?

Would you like people to talk about you as the coach that can cause a permanent shift in a client's life or business?

Do you want to feel rock solid knowing you can handle any coaching situation that arises during a session?

Would you like to feel the deep trust a client can place in you because you're exuding a calm confidence, no matter how much they are in turmoil?

And just as importantly...

Are you ready to finally make the deep impact on this planet you are yearning for?

Would you like to have a waiting list for your practice because everyone knows you're the coach who produces concrete results?

And...would you like to charge double or triple the average coaching fee, because people know you're the best in your field?

Of course you would. I can relate. Every smart, successful coach ensures they invest at least as much in themselves as they do on their marketing. They ensure they become an expert in their field to create a steady flow of clients - with effortless marketing. Instead of costly advertising, and countless hours promoting themselves, they simply rely on word spreading like wildfire that 'they are the best'.

And what happens to the coaches who don't follow this obvious strategy? What happens to coaches who eventually run out of time, money and energy?

Here's What Happens If You Don't!

I don't have to tell you, do I? You see them all around you.

Draining their hard-earned money away on futile advertising. Weeks, months and years of going to networking meetings, advertising, cold calling, finger crossing and hoping for the best. And......still no clients.

The reason is, deep inside they don't have the peace that comes from knowing they can handle any coaching situation. They don't have the confidence that emanates from expert coaches. And unfortunately prospective clients can smell this a mile away, meaning they either sign up at a ridiculously low fee, or move on to a more trustworthy coach.

It's the unsuccessful coaches who try and market, market, market, when they are producing mediocre or zero results with their clients. These are the coaches with just a few pro bono clients, or perhaps 5-10 clients.

They keep losing clients after just a month, forcing them to constantly go back into the market to troll for new clients. Trying every day to get new clients, while deep inside they are scared the clients will find out they are not up to it!

As a new to intermediate coach, you can too easily find yourself pushing uphill, instead of doing what you were put on the planet to do: coach!

But what if you could walk in the footsteps of successful coaches, and develop your coaching skills - fast? So you can LOVE coaching. So you can feel the deep confidence that comes from knowing you can handle any situation. And so you attract a steady stream of clients because word spreads so fast about the breakthrough results you are generating....

Here's the trouble...

Nobody would expect you to read about how to fly a plane, then jump into the cockpit of a jumbo jet for the first time and fly with confidence and skill. To really learn how to fly, you need to be able to sit next to an expert pilot and carefully watch their every move!

Yet, as a coach you're somehow expected to go straight from a coach training school to being a confident coach in the real world, without ever sitting next to an expert coach as they produce consistent results in real-life coaching sessions. Unfortunately the current system takes beginner coaches many years of practice before becoming an expert through trial and error. The trial and error may be necessary - but not the 'many years'.

But where can you get such core level training?

The schools do their best, but sadly...

The schools do their best. They'll provide you with 'mock' sessions - where coaches take turns at being the client and you'll hear or do a pretend session. The problem is, it's often not a real issue. It's hypothetical, so you miss out on the raw emotions that can be present in a live session. And - with 10 other coaches listening in, everyone is on stage, meaning the entire environment is artificial and the session gets distorted.

Plus - certified training costs US$4,000 to US$15,000. And how many coaches can afford that when you're just getting your business going!?

So the question is...

How can you get access to real-world sessions? How can you hear some really tricky client problems, and then see how an ICF Professional Certified Coach handles them?

What coach would let you listen in? And how would you get their clients to sign a release so you can experience their most private transformational moments?

How could you ever experience such intimate moments like a fly on the wall, without your presence interfering with the powerful coaching occurring between an expert coach and the client?


The Coach Training Package The Schools Can't Give You



Now you can listen in on powerful coaching sessions and learn to master your craft in Top Coaching Techniques.

What You'll Get:

  • Accelerated development of your coaching skills
  • The confidence of knowing you can handle any coaching situation.
  • The thrill of breakthrough results with your clients
  • Trusting atmosphere with your clients
  • Create permanent shifts in a client's life or business
  • Earn a reputation as the Results Coach
  • Build a waiting list of clients
  • Become an expert coach
  • Double your fees by pointing to big results.

and last but by no means least....

  • The satisfaction of having made a deep impact on the planet


How would you coach THIS situation?

Case Study 1:
Hear the mother whose son is in on the run from the law and wants to stay overnight with her!What would you do?

Case Study 2:
Hear the woman who hates her job, but needs the job for another 6 months, and is scared to say anything in case she's fired too early. What's the solution that restores her integrity, and makes her company happy as well?

Case Study 3:
Hear how a father struggles with communicating with his daughter. How would you create a breakthrough?

Case Study 4:
Hear about the man who contemplates a risky financial move for his business. How do you let him see consequences without making him lose his enthusiasm?

In the 'Top Coaching Techniques' coach training package, you'll hear these exact situations, PLUS how another coach would deal with them, PLUS listen to a coach trainer....oops! I'm getting ahead of myself.


Why I Know What I'm Saying

I'm more interested in telling you how powerful this training is than tooting my own horn. But I figure if you're going to listen to my coaching sessions, it's fair you at least get a bullet point outline of my 'creds':

  • ICF Certified Coach (PCC)
  • Coached on National TV
  • Past Chair of the ICF Publicity Committee
  • Founder of a coach training school now training students in 21 countries
  • 69,907 coaches listen to my advice twice a month (as far as I know we have the biggest coaching readership in the world)
  • Coached over 250 paying clients for 2,000 hours before I turned to creating product


Detailed Contents


 CD Number 1
Coaching Models
  • A laser summary of four separate models of coaching you can begin applying today!
Goal Setting & Purpose
  • How to find a client's life purpose!
  • Showing a client the gap that coaching can fill
  • Making goal setting fun
  • Helping the client find their 'path'
  • How to develop an action plan
  • Holding the client accountable
 CD Number 2
Career Coaching
  • How to get a pay raise (ABC Radio Interview)
  • How to effect a career change (ABC Radio Interview)
  • How to inspire a client to see that anything is possible
  • How to motivate your clients to take that next step
  • Helping a client to 'let go' of their old career
Financial Coaching
  • How to get control of your finances! (ABC Radio Interview)
 CD Number 3
Coaching on Attitude and Perspective
  • Moving on from 'victim' mentality
  • The power of choice
  • Letting go of perfection
  • Smelling the roses
  • Getting out of a rut
  • Time management tips
  • Journey vs Destination
 CD Number 4
Business Coaching
  • How to start a new business! (ABC Radio Interview)
  • How to build relationships with customers
  • When to spend in a business, and when not to spend
  • The power of leverage
  • How to validate and support a client who is frazzled
  • Helping a client to see new possibility (the greatest gift)
  • Coaching a client on starting a home business
  • Coaching a client on marketing strategies for a professional practice (i.e. how to get more clients!)
  • Pricing strategy - helping a client set the optimum price for their business
 CD Number 5
Coaching on Self Care
  • Having the client take responsibility for caring for himself or herself
Coaching on Communication
  • Inspiring a client with courage
  • How to help a client deal with rejection
  • Confrontation!
  • How to help a client bridge a void with someone they are not close with
  • Facing your own shortcomings
  • The lesson of 'How to Say No!'
  • Cutting through obligation
 CD Number 6
Relationship Coaching!
  • How to help a client clarify what they really want!
  • How to support them in putting themselves first
  • Relationship balance
  • Making their own decisions
  • Helping a client to 'draw the line'
  • How to train a partner
  • Winning relationship strategies
  • How to help a client deal with true feelings, and hurt
 CD Number 7
Coaching on Personal Growth & Development
  • How to creating positive cycles with a client
  • Busting through poor confidence!
  • Coach a client in standing up for themselves in a tough situation
  • How to help a client trust their own judgment
  • The power of forgiveness, and how to move on


And then we made it even better!


Introducing Terri Levine, Master Certified Coach

It's one thing to listen to real life coaching sessions. To be a fly on the wall at some very intimate moments, and to feel the shift the client is undergoing. To soak up powerful coaching techniques by osmosis.

But to make this a credible training tool, I needed to add a key ingredient - a trainer! I knew that after you listened carefully to each clip, you would want expert guidance to explain what just happened. A senior coach to label the technique just used, so you can reinforce it in your brain. A trainer to clarify the skills needed in each coaching session. And, to suggest alternative strategies the coach could have tried!

So I went to the top. I didn't just ask any teleclass leader to do this. I asked a Master Certified Coach accredited by the International Coach Federation. This is someone at the very top of her field - with over 3,000 paid coaching hours under her belt, and who has built a successful coaching school training coaches all over the world.

So you now get 32 detailed training reviews that you can listen to over and over, to get triple the value from the coaching clips you hear.

I asked Terri Levine, MCC to share with us what excites her about the 'Top Coaching Techniques' coach training package, and why she agreed to be the senior trainer...


If you're curious to learn why the president of a global coach training school is excited about this training package, then click below to listen:

Terri Levine, MCC
President, CoachingInstruction.com

And listen to just 2 of the 32 coaching critiques on mp3:

Sample Training Review 1
Sample Training Review 2

Two world class coaches comment...(click the audio link)

"David Wood's enthusiasm is renowned in the coaching industry. With this latest product he's put together a series of actual, real life coaching calls, on a wide-ranging set of topics, complete with commentary from an ICF Master Certified Coach. 

Top Coaching Techniques will give you a "feel" for how coaching is done by an experienced coach, and provide you dozens of ideas of new techniques to use with your clients.  And, you have to love the money-back guarantee - David stands behind his products."


Steve Mitten CPCC, MCC
Master Certified Coach

"One of the most common questions asked to me by people on the path to becoming professional coaches is, "How can I listen to actual coaching sessions with a coach and client." What David has done is provide those real, live sessions with the bonus of an ICF Master Certified Coach who has added context to the coaching with her excellent commentary on each of the coaching meetings.

This is truly a breakthrough offering in coaching training that allows new and emerging coaches to have the exclusive opportunity to learn by listening to and learning from the real thing. I highly recommend the program to anyone who is looking for an experiential approach rather than a theoretical approach to coach training. What a great confidence booster to learn from a real live coaching model."

Ginger Cockerham
Master Certified Coach
Vice President, ICF
Group Coaching Guru


How much would you expect to pay?

This one-of-a-kind training took four long years to produce. I sorted through hundreds of clips to find the ones that could turn you into a masterful coach via the shortest route. You can imagine all the coaching sessions I did with clients, keeping only the very best recordings. (And my clients pay over $1,000 a month for my coaching.) Plus we brought in Terri Levine as a coach trainer and she spent hours going through the audio. If we add up everyone's time - even at a ridiculous rate of $100, it comes to $30,000. And that doesn't count the production!

If you compare it to hiring a coach trainer to train you for 2 years and distilling everything down into 8 hours of the very best, you can start to get a sense of the uniqueness and value of this training package.

Also consider the cost of not buying this powerful tool. Of not being confident. Of not fully enjoying your coaching. Of never having more than 5-10 clients. Of producing paltry or no results with your clients. Of continually losing your clients after the first month. Of chasing clients for the rest of your life, instead of them flocking to you through referrals. Practically speaking, shall we say $50,000 in lost revenue?

Once we brought Terri Levine (MCC) in to really make this a robust training product, the number we came up with was $1,997; primarily because no other school on the planet can currently give you this level of training.

I want to charge $997 or even $1,497, to reflect something closer to what I feel is its true value.

However, I know what it's like to be a new or intermediate coach wanting to grow my practice. You need to make every dollar count as you build your business. So I know that while this is worth many thousands of dollars to the dedicated coach, not all of us can afford that when we're just starting out - I know I couldn't.

(Note: When I settled on my final launch price, Terri Levine said 'If you drop the price that low I'm going to come over there and beat you about the head with a stick. Don't undervalue this!' (OK, so Terri can get a little passionate at times!)

But I want to put it in your hands! Today. Sitting on the shelves of my fulfillment center, this powerful training package isn't doing your practice any good, your clients any good, or the world any good. And I have a mission to help all coaches be the most powerful coaches they can be, so they are making grass roots change on the planet. (That's how I make my impact in this lifetime). I want to make this easily accessible to any new or intermediate, serious coach. That's why today I've priced it at a low $997 497.
(Payment plan now available.)



Bonus Gift 1

12 Months Online Mentoring Support
This will be provided by a mentor coach personally selected by me. It may be someone with flashy qualifications (e.g. a PhD or MCC), or simply someone with extraordinary training and talent. Either way, you'll be in great hands and can ask your questions about "How to Coach" on the online bulletin board.

Value US$397 (available immediately on purchase)

Bonus Gift 2

 Bonus CD: "How to Deal with Sliding Clients"
  • What to do when clients don't show up!
  • What to do when clients aren't calling (or ready) on time
  • How to support a client in honoring their word
  • What's behind not doing homework, and what to do about it
  • How to be a strong coach
  • Working with a client who doesn't seem committed

Value US$97 (available immediately on purchase)

Bonus Gift 3

MP3 Download of Entire CD Collection
Some of you may prefer mp3s so you can download all the clips to your Ipod and be listening and learning within 10 minutes! Listen while in the car, on a plane, or on vacation.

Value US$97 (available immediately on purchase)

Bonus Gift 4

3 Bonus Online Audios

  • How to Find Mr. or Mrs. Right
    (VERY valuable for your clients. This is an area they will pay for)
  • How to Handle a Breakup and Working With Deep Emotion
  • Goal Setting For Couples

Value US$97 (delivered 2 weeks after purchase)

Bonus Gift 5

Fully Searchable PDF of Transcriptions of Entire CD Collection
Ninety-four pages covering every conversation on the CDs - in an instantly downloadable PDF file. Allows you to search transcription text to instantly find the information you need.

Value US$147 (delivered 4 weeks after purchase)

Bonus Gift 6

Streaming Video Sessions
Don't just listen - watch live sessions filmed with Coach David Wood for Australian National Television. (Note: despite the rough quality of the streaming video, you'll be able to WATCH coaching. This is truly a world's first in coach training.)

Value US$147 (delivered 6 weeks after purchase)


Order 'Top Coaching Techniques' Coach Training Program + Bonuses


You'll Learn...

  • What do you do when a client is completely stuck?
  • How do you stand firm with a client who won't do their homework?
  • How can you help a client who doesn't know what their goals are?
  • What's the biggest trap to avoid in relationship coaching?
  • How do you help a client switch careers to a higher salary?
  • How can you help a client create their dream career and achieve it?
  • What's the secret to helping clients take control of their finances?
  • What are the key steps for a client starting a new business?

...Plus much more!

Let's now recap everything
you get today

7 CD set you can listen to in your car or on the plane
Mp3 download of entire CD collection for the Ipod
Fully searchable PDF transcription of the CD's
12 Months 'Coaching Technique' Online Training and Mentoring
32 Coaching critiques by a Master Certified Coach
Bonus CD: 'How to Deal with Sliding Clients'

3 Bonus Online Audios
Streaming Video Sessions of Real-life Coaching

For a Total Value of...$3,075

Available today for only $497


Order 'Top Coaching Techniques' Coach Training Program + Bonuses


* * *

Who should NOT buy this Coach Training Package....

This training course is for new to intermediate coaches - interested in life coaching or business coaching.

There are six categories of people who should not buy this course:

  • People after a quick, overnight fix. It's not a pill. After listening to these CDs you won't be a mega-coach overnight. Let's face it, it takes months and sometimes years of practice to become the elite in any field. But...by listening regularly to these recorded sessions, and then applying what you've learned, you'll consistently grow as a coach
  • People requiring a PhD or University Degree. You won't get a fancy diploma to hang on your wall. You go to a school for that and pay currently US$4,000 to US$15,000 for a certificate. This powerful training package is a collection of practical 'how to' demonstrations. It's how to get real-life breakthrough results in the real world.
  • People wanting a library of books to study and assimilate. This course is delivered using online technology, internet downloads, and an extensive collection of CDs that you can listen to whenever and wherever it suits you - in the car, on the plane, around the house, or while jogging.
  • People looking for hypothetical theories. We do not provide abstract concepts of how coaching might work. It's not hypotheticals with a group of coaches sitting around pretending they have an issue so you can imagine what real coaching might look like. It's real life sessions done with real life people. Some of them with very serious challenges.
  • Senior coaches with more than 150 clients under their belt. This Coach Training Package is for new to intermediate coaches. You may have coached indirectly in your job - that's fine. You may be a natural coach, that's great. And you may have quite a few clients right now. But if you have coached 150 paying clients already, don't buy this course.
  • Coaches only interested in corporate coaching, without any interest at all in life coaching or business coaching. While we cover business coaching, and you'll be able to apply the principles to coaching executives, if your sole interest is in coaching CEOs or leadership teams within corporations, this course is not for you. (However, if you want to coach corporations, and want to use this course to build solid skills in personal and business coaching, then you're in the right place).

Note: This Coach Training Package is not a replacement for certification. Certification is important. You should use this training as an add on to any certified program you choose, or to develop your coaching skills in the beginning until you can afford a certified program.


The SolutionBox® Guarantee

Don't decide now. Instead, order this one-of-a-kind coach training package on a risk-free basis, and take the next month to really immerse yourself in this valuable information.

Within minutes of completing your form, and paying by credit card, mail or phone, you'll be given instant online access to the audio training, and several of the valuable bonuses. And your CD series will be shipped within 3 business days, anywhere in the world.

If for any reason you're not thrilled with your purchase, just let us know at our support center within 30 days of purchase, return the product undamaged, and we will give you a complete refund of purchase price.

I'm serious. We're not interested in having customers who are anything less than 100% satisfied. We only want to be paid for making a concrete contribution to your success as a coach.


* * *

And just before I wrap up, I'd like to make something clear: I'm very very fortunate; my life is going really well. You buying this unique coach training package won't make a big difference to my life. I'll still be a Professional Certified Coach, with a wonderful life, traveling the world and having fun!

But I know you want that too!

So the next step is yours. I can't do that one for you.

I invite you to try out the 'Top Coaching Techniques' training package today, at my risk.

And please let me know how it goes!



Order 'Top Coaching Techniques' Coach Training Program + Bonuses


Respect and fun,

P.S. The 12 Months of Online Mentoring is only for a limited time. We can only provide this valuable training benefit until the Mentoring service is filled to capacity. Sorry, but we have to reserve the right to pull it from this page at any time.

P.P.S. If you'd like to talk to us first, we'd be happy to answer any questions you have: 616-328-5748




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